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Part II of the series, Zero Waste with Sheila Fields. At Art Off Pike Covington this year we talked to visitors about how to recycle the plastics our local waste haulers will not recycle. If you put a type of plastic in your bin the local hauler cannot recycle, it will end up in your local landfill. Yet everything can be recycled. Join us and learn how. See Part I here.

Lick Run Revival - 2015

The documentary installation was displayed at the Weston Art Gallery in the Aronoff Center for the Arts from March 27-June 7. Numediacy was 1 of 6 artists featured in the show 'Too Shallow For Diving - the weight of water' (2S4D). In addition to the videos and photos featured, which you can see on our website, we brought in collected artifacts from South Fairmount. J's sleeping bag was the exception, though we did see small homeless camps in that area.

Garden City installation photo Garden City installation photo Garden City installation photo Garden City installation photo


As part of the Lick Run Revival documentary installation, we created an onsite component for South Fairmount (Cincinnati) for the summer of 2015. It was our gift to the neighborhood and sign of the changes to come.


Inspired by a project we did for the Civic Garden Center of Cincinnati, we recreated three miniature blocks of Madison Ave from boxes collected from Covington, in the Arcade Tunnel for Art Off Pike. Each building was topped with plants and we asked visitors to imagine rooftop space utilized as green space. This one landed us on the front page of the Enquirer local section.

Garden City installation photo Garden City installation photo Garden City installation photo Garden City installation photo

CORE - 2012

Covington Ohio River Erosion was our first commercial video collaboration. Produced by Brad McCombs of NKU and funded by residents of Riverside Drive, we wanted to share knowledge of the erosion problem happening along the Ohio River. The video was featured on multiple screens at the NKU 'Technology to Empower Citizen Scientists' conference.

CORE video at NKU conference

WATER - 2012

Numediacy created an installation in the Arcade Tunnel in Covington, as part of the yearly 'Art Off Pike' outdoor art show. We brought five truckloads of driftwood from the Covington river bank and built a sculpture that led people into the tunnel. It culminated in the middle which pointed to our video Covington Ohio River Erosion (CORE) projected on the ceiling.

CORE video at Art Off Pike photo CORE video at Art Off Pike photo


An excerpt of JGray's travels through Cambodia around the Angkor Wat area. The full video was exhibited from two projectors with multiple audio channels. A clear path lead viewers through dirt covered floor strewn with hand built ceramic landmines. Exhibited at NKU Fine Art Gallery, the installation intended to create an atmosphere and experience for the viewer.

Cambodia installation photo Cambodia installation photo